Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Meghan's Halloween Anime list pt. 1

Wanna scare yourself silly on halloween tomorrow, but you've seen all the 'Halloweens and Friday the 13ths'?
More specifically if you're an anime fan -.-
I've dedicated my last half hour tonight to stick up a few titles, with a breif review (I'm bored alright=p)
Here goes^-^
Laughing Target

This one I really liked.
A high school boy who had an arranged marriage when he was six is about to be confronted by his now older fiancee, who isn't just jealous that he already has a girlfriend and has forgotten about the marriage arrangement, but she has supernatural powers that is putting him and his girlfriend in grave danger. 0_o

K, that really sucked as a review but yeah... I forgot what it was about=p
Check it out tho. Its a good Halloween scary ^.~

My favourite doctor out of the many many doctors I've visited over the past 5 years is my Gastrologest (sp? -.-) Dr. Lau.
I like her because she's trying to help me, and it seems like she is. Most of my other doctors just found me a complete puzzle that they couldn't solve so I was a broken toy tossed in the play box. I am an insolvable case I know, but at least I have some great people to help me.
I feel like this Doctor is sympathsizing with me. My visits with her are always just me to her face to face, and altho she has gotten what my problem is wrong a few times (not that it matters because she's close enough), I know she's listening to me. I don't withhold anything because I'm afraid of what she'd think either.
The funny thing is I think I've seen her the least of all my doctors, and yet I know her the most.
She once even took time out of her short visit to see my art, and find out that I was a writer, and she praised that idea.
My first visit to her she thought she had a solution to my problem too, which has been rare for me. It didn't work, but I felt good I had tried so early on.
Anyway, I like her for all those reasons, and because shes a younger doctor so I feel more secure around her. I love her accent (its so cute! ^.^) and I feel like I'm going for a chat with a friend. Except this friend has the potential to end my chronic something or other -.-
The nurse in the small office is really nice too:)
Another neat and interesting point I never thought I'd come across from a doctor was she used to live in Hong Kong and actually knows what anime is when I show her my art. She said she's seen some.

The only problem with all this is she can't cure me, and she's sent me to a few other doctors too. Today she said the same thing again, (although I had thought I wouldn't see her again after the last time she said that=p)
"I have no idea whats wrong with you."
But today I actually asked her about the other youth patients. She said that many kids my age come in with the same problem but the pantaloc (my first meds) got rid of it. I even asked her if ever she had treated anyone with the same untouchable symptoms of nothing like me. She hasn't.
So I figure I am all alone on this one, and it did depress me quite a bit when I heard it, but I feel better about it now.

I'm now up for another visit to a paediatric Gastrologist (still can't spell that >_<)
And maybe she'll light my candle.
But I'll always know, no matter what, Dr. Lau was the one who was the oxygen.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

'Angel Eyes' is a really good movie^-^
Mom and Dad and me watched it.
Pretty un eventful day too.
Oh well, wheee