Monday, August 06, 2001

fear factor is really really gross tonight.
I saw Princess diaries, but because the newspaper had the times wrong I missed 25 minutes of the damn movie =p
It was good, but kinda childish 0_o Not to mention there was a chunk of the story missing=p
Tylor loves me more then his sister=p
"How much do you love Meghan, Tylor?" Danielle says.
"A lot!" Tylor says.
"How much do you love me, Tylor?" Danielle says.
"A litte.." Tylor breathes :p
Hehe I'm sure that feels good.

We also pretended that Danielle's big blonde dog, Jacob was Keroberos the mighty BEAST!
And Tylor was Eriol (haunted freaky character from Cardcaptor Sakura) and I was Sakura with my BEAST Keroberos, and he had a black BEAST which was supposed to be Danielle's black lab, Emma but she was no where to be found;-;
We also teamed up and tried to kill Danielle :)
And that was my day^-^